To spice up your stay-at-home life by speeding up your slow Mac, we are offering you 4 essential upgrades 4 free.

1 ⟶ Upgrade to more RAM. Why more RAM is better?

2 ⟶ Upgrade to a new SSD (Solid State Drive) including cloning your data. Why a SSD is so cool?

3 ⟶ Cleaning your Mac inside and outside.

We will open your Mac and use special cleaning material and an air compressor.

4 ⟶ Update, clean and maintenance of your Operating System/Mac OS.

We will use special software to verify the structure of your system, run miscellaneous maintenance & cleaning tasks, delete caches and remove certain problematic folders and files.

Why we are doing this?

Following the ongoing developments with the global Covid-19 outbreak we need more than ever solidarity! Upgrading your Mac will save money and even more important, is ecological and sustainable. Don’t ask what the society can do for you, ask what you can do for the society.

How does it work?

1. You send us a screenshot from About This Mac and Storage to [email protected]

2. We will answer you within 24 hours what we will need to buy to upgrade your Mac.

3. You bring us your Mac (or better send a a courier) to our office in Berlin-Mitte.

4. You can pick up your „new“ Mac within 48 hours.

Please consider:

⟶ RAM and SSD upgrade is not possible for every Mac.

⟶ Please make sure to have a full and working backup available.

⟶ We offer this services only for artists/musicans, self-employed and freelancers in Berlin who need support during the Corona crisis.

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